Bozeman Bridger Repeater Net on 146.88

This net meets each Tuesday evening at 8 PM Local Montana Time. The net is a general purpose net and all topics of discussion are encouraged.  One licensed amateur known as the net control will run the net each Tuesday.  The net control will  use the 146.88 Bridger Repeater Net Preamble as a guideline on how to run the net.  Please feel free to download the  146.88 Bridger Repeater Net Preamble for your review.

Montana HF Traffic Net

This Net is part of the National Traffic System and Handles Traffic with all States, Canada and all Other parts of the World where Third Party Traffic is Allowed.

The Montana HF Traffic Net meets at Zero Hour Thirty Minutes (0030) on or near 3910 kHZ every Monday – Saturday

Be sure to listen to how it works before you jump in.


The Old Man International Sideband Society is a Net that meets on different days and times on the 10 through 160 meter bands.   If you like single sideband or a new ham then give this Net a try.  By the way, the Net is not simply for “Old Men”, they have a YL, a lady, as their President.

Wyoming Cowboy Net

This Net meets daily (Monday – Friday) at 00:45 UTC on the 80 meter band at 3.923 MHz.


ARRL Online Net Directory Search

You can use the ARRL Online Net Directory Search to find additional Nets that are local to Montana or find Nets that anywhere around the world.

Example:  Nets found in Montana on December 4, 2017