May 2018 Minutes

May 2018 Minutes

Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary
Don Godward N7FLT
Wayd Walker WA7YD
Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS
Curtis DeVault KB7GIS
Harley Leach KI7XF
Todd Gahagen WA7U
David Hohmann AG7DF
Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX
Gary Gramer KI7QVZ
Larry Hayden KF7L
Cyrus Smith NU7Q
Rich Michau W7AMT
Renee Reger KF7DER
Norm Reger KD7TQM
Don Wilson KC7EWZ
Jim Hall AA8Y
Glenn Bradbury AG7MH

Call to Order: Todd Gahagen WA7U called the meeting to order @7:03 PM. Followed by introductions. Thank you for filling in Todd!
Minutes: Accepted with changes
Treasurer’s report: Beginning Balance of $1,806.45; collected $185 in dues, paid out $140 for the P.O. Box; Ending balance of $1,751.45
Ham test: Harley Leach KI7XF- Next test is in June then again on Field Day (June 23rd & 24th). There will also be an extra test on June 7th
o Bridger Building; the building will need to be torn down soon. Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS is asking for help with this task, a helicopter ride provided. This will probably happen the beginning of June. The building rebuild won’t be started until July
o Two relay have burned up, the generator ran for two days
SAR: Don Godward N7FLT: Successful week; finished up the annual business budget and is looking into new tools. Searches; Saddle Peak-avalanche fatality, 35 Mile bridge-head on collision, Skinner Road-stuck vehicle, Flathead rescue. Curtis DeVault KB7GIS talked about a search on a patient with dementia
88 Net: Wayd Walker WA7YD- Plenty of net control operators. 88 is working better with a new antenna
Foxhunt: Harley Leach KI7XF-Baffled most participants
HF: Don Godward N7FLT- Marginal. There might be a solar flare next week
MSU Ham;

Old Business:
• Gardiner/Livingston/Paradise Valley repeater-A lease is in the process of being drafted. There is an option of two buildings. Would like to see it set up for armature related projects
• Website Updates: David Hohmann AG7DF-The site is working again
• HOA Bill: nothing new
• Field Day-June 23-24, @ Dale Heidner W7NAV will host but is asking GHRC to prepare everything for the event. This includes mowing, tent set up, etc.
• Ham Fest- Ray Harbeck KG7RAU; September 15, 2018

New Business:
• DMR & Analog, 58 Link, 449.5 is up and running
o Lone MT Repeater is ready to go
• Cycle Greater Yellowstone: Ron Glass WN7Y, is needing help from about 40 hams. The CGY is Aug 11-18 this year and runs from Cody WY to Lander

• Debbie Daniels KI7UYJ asked for assistance but no one has been able to make contact with her
• Bob Leo W7RL is at High Gate, please stop by and say Hi
• Library Ham books Don Godward N7FLT- The current books are from 2012. New books will be needed by July 1st. We will possibly be expanding supply to include DMR books and other related books.
• W7ED Trailer rent is 1 year over due at the airport property. Don Wilson KC7EWZ will be taking care of this and will be reimbursed from the club.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:08 PM


Minutes respectfully submitted by Falicia Anderson KF7TAH

W7ED Club Information:
Gallatin Ham Radio Club address: GHRC, PO Box 4381, Bozeman, MT, 59772
W7ED Website:
Facebook: Montana Ham Radio
Email group (yahoo group)/Reflector:

Yearly Due Information:
-GHRC Dues; $10 for student, $20 for single member, $25 for family. Please give check or cash to
Eric Anderson AC7V GHRC Treasurer, there is no PayPal account at this time
– ERA Dues; Suggested annual $30, can be paid online with PayPal or given to Ray Harbeck
KG7RAU ERA President
-MRLA Dues; can be paid to Harley Leach KI7XF

GHRC 2018 EVENTS Schedule
• Field Day-June 23-24
• Bridger Ridge Run-August 11
o Control- Ralph Bergantine KC7PFH
o Start-Bruce Walker KE7SJZ
o Baldy-Eric Anderson AC7V
o Bridger- Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS (Curtis? Todd?)
o Ross- Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX
o Finish-Falicia Anderson KF7TAH
• Belgrade Fall Fest- September 15; Norm Reger KD7TQM
• Ham Fest-September 15; Ray Harbeck KG7RAU