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February 2020 Meeting Minutes

February 2020 Minutes
February 6, 2020

Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS President
Vice President
Eric Anderson AC7V Treasurer
Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary
Gary Gramer KI7QVZ
Jim Drummond WA7MKN
Curtis DeVault W0GIS
Todd Gahagan WA7U
Trevor Lanes KG7KCV
Troy Lanes KF7HG
Jim Sheldon W7CLS
George Siverts AG7YP
Jerry Gregoire N7JGG
Scott Bechtle KJ7DCC
Thomas Rozenbroek KB2BCG
Larry Hayden KF7L

Call to Order: Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS called the meeting to order @7:00 PM.
Minutes: No Minutes for January were recorded. Minutes can be found on Gallatin Ham Webpage: gallatinhamradio.com
Treasurer’s Report: Eric Anderson AC7V Treasurer; starting balance of $1,557.10, income of $200 in dues, no expenses, ending balance $1,757.10
Ham test: Nothing reported
ERA: Officers; Harley Leach KI7XF President, Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS Treasurer
~At the next meeting there will be a more formal explanation of what ERA is and does. ERA will be going over financials on the projector. Please donate, anything helps. It was suggested that “smile” be set up through Amazon.It was suggested that “smile” be set up through Amazon. Smile donates a small portion of the money made from your purchases to nonprofits. This is something the user must set up as well as the nonprofit
SAR: Curtis DeVault W0GIS; been quiet. A $36,000 donation to SAR will be used for new radios in the SAR office
88 Net: Treavor Lanes KG7KCV; still doing it. Three to Six check-ins per week
Foxhunt: Todd Gahagan WA7U; There might have been a hunt last Saturday
HF: Has been bad
DMR: Todd Gahagan WA7U; Local DMR repeaters are all on air except for High Flats. There has been lots of activity in Helena. It’s bringing the whole state together
APRS: Nothing reported
NYAR/Gardiner repeater: Nothing reported

Old Business:
• Holiday Dinner: Don Wilson KC7EWZ is checking into Farmhouse Café. Could do it at Famous Dave or the sub at MSU

New Business:
• Summer BBQ: Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS would like to bring back the summer BBQ. Possibly on a Friday evening at the Bozeman Ponds in August. Possible other venues are River Rock or at the Rotary Park across from MAPS Brewery
• Getting More/New people involved: Suggestions; Go to more local events like the Christmas Stroll, Sweet Pea or Digger Days. Set up a table to display what GHRC is about. Could also have a fire at that event if the weather is cold or pass out candy


 Februarys Presentation: Thank you to Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS for a great show and tell from the Quartz Fest
 Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS: possible presentations; grounding and bounding, mesh, Baker to Vegas Run and Practical Connectors.
 If you’d like to do a presentation please talk to Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS or bring it up at the next meeting. Anything would be fun! Dutch Oven cooking has even been brought up as a possible fun presentation….any takers???
• April:
• May:
• June:

GHRC 2020 Events Schedule
• Winter Field Day:
• Field Day: June 27th & 28th; Gallatin Gateway (Bruce’s old place) It was suggested to hold FD in a more obvious area for new recruits. Like at the fair grounds
• Payton Memorial: July 11th
• Bridger Ridge Run: on schedule
• Cycle Greater Yellowstone: Jim Halfpenny K9YNP; August
• Belgrade Fall Fest:

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:51 P.M.
Next Meeting: March 5th

Minutes respectfully submitted by Falicia Anderson KF7TAH
• All minutes can be found on W7ED Website: gallatinhamradio.com

W7ED Club Information:
Gallatin Ham Radio Club address: GHRC, PO Box 4381, Bozeman, MT, 59772
W7ED Website: gallatinhamradio.com
Facebook: Montana Ham Radio
Email group (yahoo group)/Reflector: w7ed@yahoo.com

Yearly Due Information:
-GHRC Dues; $10 for student, $20 for single member, $25 for family. Please give check or cash to
Eric Anderson AC7V GHRC Treasurer, there is no PayPal account at this time
– ERA Dues; Suggested annual $30, can be paid online with PayPal
-MRLA Dues; Donation based: suggested annual due of $50. Paid to Harley Leach KI7XF

2020 GHRC Officers:
President: Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS
Vice President: Available
Treasurer: Eric Anderson AC7V
Secretary: Falicia Anderson KF7TAH

February 2019 meeting Minutes

February 2019 Minutes

Bruce Walker KE7SJZ President
Norm Reger KD7TQM Vice President
Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary
Eric Anderson AC7V Treasurer
Don Godward N7FLT
Harley Leach KI7XF
Ralph Bergantine KC7PFH
Gary Gramer KI7QVC
Renee Reger KF7DER
Matt Cloninger KJ7CTH
Don Wilson KC7EWZ
Jim Hall AA8Y
Jerry Gregoire N7JGG
David Hohmann AG7DF
Pryce Paulson KI7VHX
Mark Kramer
Curtis DeVault W0GIS

Call to Order: Bruce Walker KE7SJZ called the meeting to order @7:00 PM. Followed by introductions.
Minutes: Accepted
Treasurer’s report: Beginning balance; $1,440.00 Income from dues; $345.00 Expenses; -$320 Ending Balance; $1,465.00
Ham test: Harley Leach KI7XF- New online testing. A dry run was performed at the last test. It went great. Go to hamstudy.org to sign up for session. The next test in March will be done this way.
ERA: Harley Leach KI7XF -There has been an influx of dues. Enough to pay rent. A discussion was held about the possibility of combining insurance with the Ham Club insurance
-Bridger Building
SAR: Don Godward N7FLT-It’s been busy. One stuck Subaru up 16 mile and a father/son rescue in the Spanish Peaks. Both father and son were found asleep and suffered serious frostbite
88 Net: Matt Cloninger KJ7CTH – 5 check-ins last week
Foxhunt: Harley Leach KI7XF-There was a foxhunt at winter field day; three foxes, three hunters and one son
HF: Don Godward N7FLT- 20 Meters worked well on field day, doubled the contacts from last year, 466
DMR: Nothing reported
APRS: same
 Gardiner repeater- Gardiner Net is on Thursdays @ 7:30

Old Business:
• Website Updates: David Hohmann AG7DF- Over 600 pictures grouped into galleries. The galleries have funky names so if you’d like to rename or identify them that can be done by contacting David @ ag7df@aarl.net
• Winter Field Day: Wayd Walker WA7YD hosted. If you have pictures please give/send those to David Hohmann AG7DF @ ag7df@aarl.net. Field Day went good. Ray provided food. Thanks Everyone

New Business:
• GHRC Christmas Dinner; No new info. Planning on later in March
• North Yellowstone Armature Radio Club-may connect online; aprs and dmr. There are currently 14 members

• Repeater Map-Harley Leach KI7XF –There is now website with a map you can scan over that shows you all the repeaters and repeater info in that area. It will be linked on the GHRC website.
• Tour DE Cure in Missoula may need some volunteers this summer. Bruce Walker KE7SJZ and Jerry Gregoire N7JGG will be passing info back and forth
• Presentations- We are in need people to volunteer for presentations! Please consider doing something! It doesn’t have to be big; a slide show, a ham related interest, a demonstration, etc. Please contact Norm Reger KD7TQM or any officer if interested
• Summer Field Day: Skeet Archer W7LFX is working on a spot
• Remember dues! GHRC and ERA

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:40 P.M.

Presentation: Thanks to Jerry Gregoire N7JGG for a great presentation on the Hawaii ham room and telescope slide show from their trip
~ If you’d like to do a presentation please talk to Norm Reger KD7TQM or bring it up at the next meeting
March: Harley Leach KI7XF-MRLA
April: Harley Leach KI7XF-Repetor work & how
May: Don Wilson KC7EWZ-Coax and rope coiling
June: Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS

Minutes respectfully submitted by Falicia Anderson KF7TAH

W7ED Club Information:
Gallatin Ham Radio Club address: GHRC, PO Box 4381, Bozeman, MT, 59772
W7ED Website: gallatinhamradio.com
Facebook: Montana Ham Radio
Email group (yahoo group)/Reflector: w7ed@yahoo.com

Yearly Due Information:
-GHRC Dues; $10 for student, $20 for single member, $25 for family. Please give check or cash to
Eric Anderson AC7V GHRC Treasurer, there is no PayPal account at this time
– ERA Dues; Suggested annual $30, can be paid online with PayPal or given to Ray Harbeck
KG7RAU ERA President
-MRLA Dues; can be paid to Harley Leach KI7XF

GHRC 2019 EVENTS Schedule
• Field Day: June 22-23
• Bridger Ridge Run:
• Belgrade Fall Fest:

February 2018 Minutes

Gallatin Ham Radio Club
2018 02 01
1) President/Chairman – Bruce Walker, KE7SJZ
2) Vice President – Ray Harbeck, KG7RAU
3) Treasurer – Eric Anderson, AC7V
4) Secretary – Falicia Anderson, KF7TAH

Meeting brought to order at 19:00

1) Previous minutes accepted, (Norm dissented)
2) Treasurer Report by Bruce Walker, KE7SJZ
a. Account was $1,841.45, $110.00 added in Jan for a new balance of $1951.45.
b. Dues are due. $10-student, $20-individual, $25-family.
3) Ham Test – Harley, KI7XF
a. There will be a Ham test in March
4) Larry Springer is again offering licensing classes at MSU.
5) ERA – Ray Harbeck, KG7RAU:
a. ERA has several big bills coming up and little money in the bank. If you haven’t paid dues yet, please contribute. Dues are $30. Additional donations are appreciated.
b. Ann, KG7RAS, has started a Facebook page for ERA. There is a link that you can donate using paypal, Paypal.me/eaglehead. Search for ‘Eagle Head Repeater Association’
c. Neil, KL7JGS, has turned all necessary paperwork for the new shack on the Bridger ridge to the county.
d. DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, Upgrades are in progress for the Ridge, Big Sky and possibly West Yellowstone.
e. There is a very cool worldwide net Saturdays at 9:00 am.
6) SAR – Don Godward, N7FLT
a. Reports a slow month, (that’s good right)
i. Urban search in Three Forks. Subject found unharmed riding his bike.
ii. Back country rescue at Blackmoore. Ladean, KN0WAY, was on  scene for training. Great timing.
7) 146.88 Net – Wayd Walker, WA7YD
a. Needs someone for Feb 27. Neil will take it, as long as he gets the cheat sheet of regular check-ins. If you are interested in helping out check in on Tuesdays, 166.88 @ 20:00, let the controller know.
8) Contest – Don, N7FLT
a. It was good but the bands went quiet quickly.
9) Paradise Repeater – David Homann, AG7DF
a. Still a work in progress.
10) W7ED website – AG7DF
a. David added Don Regli, KI7OJ, as silent key. Don passed on Nov 12, 2017.
b. Suggested a Facebook page to facilitate Elmership.
c. Many other new links, pages – check it out – W7ED.com.
11) Winter field day – WA7YD.
a. Went well. Good turn out. This year’s count of 210 contacts exceeded last year’s count.
12) Christmas Party – KG7RAU, and Ann Harbeck, KG7RAS
a. Party was at Fudruckers. Had a good time. There was some noted cool door prizes.
13) MRLA – KI7XF
a. Dues are due. If you use the MRLA, please support it with your wallet.
b. 147.18 repeater has a bad antenna that will be replaced this summer.
14) Events
a. Bridger Ridge run. Kay Newman has stepped down from her coordinating role. While Ralph Bergantine, KC7PFH, is not taking over for Kay, he can help you get connected if you want to help out. The BRR is in August.
b. Belgrade Fall Festival – See Norm Reger, KA7TQM. It is in September.
c. Field Day is on June 30 this year.
15) Birthdays
a. It is KE7SJZ’s birthday. Age unknown.
16) Meeting adjourned 19:27.

Table 1: Hams Present
Name Call
Ann Harbeck KG7RAS
Bruce Walker KE7SJZ
Cody Harbeck KG7TLQ
Curtis Devault KB7GIS
Cyrus Smith NU7Q
David Hohmann AG7DF
Don Godward N7FLT
Gary Gramer KI7QVZ
Harley Leach KI7XF
Jeff Wood KI7CHV
Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX
Jerry McDonald W7FVB
Jim Hall AA8Y
Matt Carlson KG7FKU
Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS
Norm Reger KD7TQM
Ralph Bergantine KC7PFH
Ray Harbeck KG7RAU
Renee Reger KF7DER
Rich Michau W7AMT
Sardia Irby KI7SJY
Todd Freitag KC2UTT
Todd Gahagan WA7U
Tori Harbeck
Wayd Walker WA7YD
William Irby KI7SZW

Respectively submitted Jerry Gregoire, KD7WLX