September 2018 Meeting Minutes

September 2018 Minutes

Bruce Walker KE7SJZ President
Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary
Eric Anderson AC7V Treasurer
Don Godward N7FLT
Wayd Walker WA7YD
Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS
Harley Leach KI7XF
Todd Gahagen WA7U
David Hohmann AG7DF
Rich Michau W7AMT
Jim Hall AA8Y
Skeet Archer KI7YYS
Norm Reger KD7TQM
Leon Helms N6VS
Ray Harbeck KG7RAU
Cody Harbeck KG7TLQ
Tori Harbeck
Jerry Gregoire N7JGG
Kathi Gregoire N7UNI
Curtis DeVault W0GIS
Don Wilson KC7EW
Stan Horst KA6ZFL
John Benson N7JLD

Call to Order: Bruce Walker KE7SJZ called the meeting to order @7:00 PM. Followed by introductions.
Minutes: Accepted with minor changes
Treasurer’s report: Beginning balance; $1,751.45 with money paid out for field day expenses and rent for the w7ed trailer, Ending Balance; $859.73
Ham test: Saturday, September 8th
-Bridger Building-Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS; the building is up, 85% completed. It is operational. In the process of moving equipment
SAR: Don Wilson KC7EW- SAR has been very busy. Two lives have been lost. Averaged two events per week this summer
88 Net: Wayd Walker WA7YD- Doing good
Foxhunt: Harley Leach KI7XF-Will start again in a couple of weeks
HF: Don Godward N7FLT- It stinks!

Old Business:
• Gardiner/Livingston/Paradise Valley repeater-The lease has been signed. The name is North Yellowstone Amateur Radio Club. David and Harley will be going up there tomorrow to turn on the power. 146.98 -100hertz
• Website Updates: David Hohmann AG7DF-Prepper Fest information has been added to webpage. David will be doing some work on the webpage to transfer it to a new template
• HOA Bill: The bill has possibly been taken out
• Field Day: Food was excellent, 58 Colorado states were worked, not very good this year. Next year Field Day will be held in a different location. The club got to thank Dale on a phone call during the meeting
o Thank you to Dale Heidner W7NAV and his wife for hosting field day for the past many years!
o Skeet Archer KI7YYS offer the use of their land by the Axtel fishing access.
o Thank you to Ray Harbeck KG7RAU and family for the wonderful pig and thank you to everyone who helped set up and take down
o Next year’s Field Day will be June 22nd & 23rd, 2019. More info to come
• Ham Fest/Prepper Fest- Ray Harbeck KG7RAU; September 15, 2018. Information has been posted on the webpage and the reflector. There will be no raffle this year. If you’d like to rent a table they are $10 apiece. The Ham Fest will run from 8 A.M. to about 1 P.M. It will be held in the same spot in the fairgrounds as last year.
• Bridger Ridge Run: Went Good. Thank you to everyone who participated in helping with coms.

New Business:
• Library Ham Books- Don Godward N7FLT-The books are in the library
• Fall Fest: Norm Reger KD7TQM- Need 4-5 more people to help out. Meet at 7:30 A.M. at the Soccer Fields in Belgrade
• Winter Field Day: Wayd Walker WA7YD-January 26th & 27th, 2019. Location is at the Headwaters State Park Campground

• Ham n’ Eggs meet on Broadway Street in Belgrade, just south of Belgrade Sales and Service
• Boy scouts Camporee: Sept 22nd; Zombie Apocalypse. The boy scouts are asking for a few hams to give a presentation of the use of the ham radio, Morse code, studying, etc. This event will go from about 9 A.M. until about 2 P.M. Location is Nash and Sourdough. Ray Harbeck KG7RAU and Harley Leach KI7XF volunteered
• Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS will be doing a photo presentation in October including the Bridger Building and old ham photos
• Rich Michau W7AMT: DMR; Rich has made over forty contacts to different countries using DMR. The DMRMT webpage has code plugs. The repeater on Red Mountain (Butte) is DMR; 444.0 +off set 100hertz analog

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:12 P.M.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Falicia Anderson KF7TAH

W7ED Club Information:
Gallatin Ham Radio Club address: GHRC, PO Box 4381, Bozeman, MT, 59772
W7ED Website:
Facebook: Montana Ham Radio
Email group (yahoo group)/Reflector:

Yearly Due Information:
-GHRC Dues; $10 for student, $20 for single member, $25 for family. Please give check or cash to
Eric Anderson AC7V GHRC Treasurer, there is no PayPal account at this time
– ERA Dues; Suggested annual $30, can be paid online with PayPal or given to Ray Harbeck
KG7RAU ERA President
-MRLA Dues; can be paid to Harley Leach KI7XF

GHRC 2019 EVENTS Schedule
• Winter Field Day: Wayd Walker WA7YD-January 26-27
• Field Day: June 22-23
• Bridger Ridge Run:
• Belgrade Fall Fest:
• Ham Fest: